Event Days Poll

Hey ladies.  We all have busy schedules this year so it would be helpful for me to know which nights of the week would be best for everyone to know when to plan events.  Pick the day that works best with your schedule.  Thanks.      



In keeping with the Harry Potter theme I decided to put up these cute owls through out the hall. Here are some of my favorites.       11910885_1009805579039464_1725308100_n 11911102_1009805565706132_12235498_n 11920487_1009805619039460_381178904_n 11944833_1009805632372792_209516742_n

Meet Your RA

11923025_1009805509039471_872212060_nGet to know me a little more.  Check out some pics of my family and all the cool things I like.  We might just have something in common. 🙂


Two Opening Door Decs

Was very indecisive on which ones to make, so I just made both.  Made with actual pages from the first Harry Potter book.  Now you’ll all have something to read if you get locked out of your room.11914926_1009805452372810_324673423_n 11940649_1009805379039484_970425900_n 11937929_1009805432372812_2002702769_n


LGBT Vocabulary

The LGBT community is a proud one.  Let’s show our support for them by trying to understand a little bit more about them.  Check out this awesome board for some great vocabulary used by the LGBT community.11911106_1009805535706135_1829260185_n11935566_1009805555706133_797007714_n


Welcome Bulletin Board

Welcome one and hall to your home away from home.  11944861_1009814132371942_1571191839_n11942225_1009814175705271_523561042_n11911512_1009805479039474_2107312762_n


Harry Potter Door Decs

Hope you like the opening theme everyone.11911140_1009805472372808_1585859769_n