Lipstick Event

Thank you to everyone who came to this event.  I think we all had a lot of fun, I know I did.  Enjoy the new lipstick.

If you want to do this fun activity here is a link with the recipe:


Prize Poll

I think you all will like this one.  First person to vote and comment will win a fabulous prize.


Resume Event

A big thanks to everyone in the hall who came to the Resume Workshop tonight. I think we all got some great in site from Jennifer and we are all ready to look professional at he Career Fair next year.  And thanks to second floor RAs Charlotte and Hannah for helping plan this event with me.



Hey Laides.  If you’ve been following the countdown on the webpage, then you know that Homecoming is two weeks away.  Because of all the events going on for this week I will be making a new page titled ‘HOMECOMING’.  This will keep the Upcoming Events page from getting too cluttered and so that you only have to go to on spot for all your Homecoming updates.  So make sure you check it out for all that sweet info.