Inappropriate Trash


Hey Ladies.  I just wanted to show you this picture of the kitchen garbage can.  This should not be happening.  Room trash should not be thrown away in the kitchen garbage.  Also the milk bottle do not belong in the trash, they should be recycled.  I know it is different this year since we don’t have recycling rooms anymore, but that is no excuse for doing this.  Things like, milk bottles, food containers, and pizza boxes need to be taken out to the dumpster between Wilgus and McGreggor.

If you are confused as to what counts as room garbage just think about this.  If you have to leave your room, and walk down the hall to the kitchen to throw it away, then it is considered room garbage.

If this happens again, there will be wing fines given out.  So please, lets all do our part and take care of our own thrash.


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