Wilgus and Melcher becoming co-ed?

Hi ladies.  I wanted to write a quick post about an issue that our CPR reps brought to our attention during this weeks Wilgus Women’s Council meeting.  During the beginning of the year, there are some of our male residents who cannot move into a room right away because of the over crowding in the residence hall.  Because of this, they are temporarily put into extended housing.  Eventually, we do find rooms for all students in extended housing, but it can sometimes take a few weeks to a few months to find an open spot,  Because of this, it seems that some higher ups in the department of Residence Life have been toying with the idea of turning either Melcher Hall or Wilgus Hall or both halls into co-ed halls.  They believe that this could solve our overcrowding issue.

Now before you start thinking that you will are going to be kicked out of your room, you don’t have to worry.  If a decision is made, it will not be occurring till next year at the very earliest.  But RHA wanted to bring this issue to the staff and students living in Melcher and Wilgus so they could get their opinions about this issue.  There was some discussion among the students and meeting this week, but nothing has been decided.  RHA will be giving us a few weeks to talk about this issue.  Once we have given our opinions, they will take them into consideration.  Ultimately, it is up to RHA and Residence Life to make this decision, but they really highly view the opinions of the students.  So if you have any opinions on this subject that you would like RHA to know, I suggest you come on down to Wilgus Women’s council meeting next Monday at 9:00pm.

If you would like to leave any comments or opinions about this topic here feel free.