Bike Parking

Hello Ladies.  I wanted to bring something to your attention.  I have been noticing some bikes being left in places around the building where they shouldn’t be left.  In particular there is a brown bike that has been continuously parked outside the east side door (the door by the picnic area).  If you are unaware of the campus wide rule, bikes are only allowed to be chained to designated bike racks or parked in campus bike lockers.  Any bike left chained to a light pole, or left leaning on a building, or parked in front of a door is not in a designated bike area.  Campus police will collect bikes parked in these un-designated area, and that my include cutting bike chains, and will take them to the campus storage building.  It will cost students $25 dollars to get their bikes back from campus police.  So if the brown bike is yours, or you park your bike where it shouldn’t be parked, we would like to ask you to please move your bikes so they are not confiscated.  Thank you all for your cooperation.



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