Donate 4 Me

Hello All.  I wanted to tell you all about the great experience I had when I donated blood.  The Red Cross is a great organization to donate blood to.  They had an amazing staff.  They were so nice and friendly.  They answered all my questions and made me feel super comfortable during my first time.  If you donated blood or volunteered at the drive this week please feel free to like or comment on the post so our whole community can see how we have all contributed.  🙂

I also wanted to use this post to inform you all about and organization called Donate 4 Me.  I was informed that there is a law that prohibits people who identify as LGBTQ, especially homosexual males, from donating blood for fear that they have diseases that can be spread through blood.  This is an extremely discriminatory law, because every year members of the LGBTQ community are denied the right to give blood and save lives.  This law is even more discriminatory when you find out that diseases like HIV is spread equally by men and women.  So where does Donate 4 Me come in?  Donate 4 Me is when you donate for someone who is in the LGBTQ community.  This is a great way to show our support for out LGBTQ friends.  Members of this group are also working to change this law so that one day everyone will be able to donate blood whenever they want.

If you want to show your support the link below will take you to a petition you can sign to help change this law.

For more information on LGBTQ issues checkout the Doyle Center on campus: 136 Warner Hall