Monster High Board


Happy Halloween Ladies.  I wanted to celebrate the holiday by putting up this one of a kind Monster High bulletin board.  What is Monster High you ask?  Well, Monster High is an animated cartoon series, that can be found on Youtube or on Netflix, that tells the story of teenage monsters in high school.  Now some of you may be wondering, what does this monster high have to do with anything, and especially what does it have to do with diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.  Well, as the show grew in popularity, the creators of the show realized they could use this great opportunity to spread some great messages to teens and young adults.  Every monster at Monster High is different for a reason, the school accepts all students of monster and normie kind.  In fact, Monster High is the only school in the world of the show that accepts all monsters and that accepts normies.  All other schools are only accepting of one kind of monster or another, and they do not accept normies.  (BTW if I didn’t mention what normies are they stand for normal people or non-monster people).  Because of this fact, all students at Monster High are welcoming and accepting to one another, no matter their species, interests, or freaky fashion styles.  They have also partnered with some great programs like the “Find Kind” campaign that teaches young girls to love themselves for who they are.  And also  Emily-Anne Rigal who has founded organization like “We Stop Hate” and “How Do You Boo” which also teaches girls how to love and accept themselves and about how bullying in unacceptable. The Kind Campaign video and the We Stop Hate video are my favorite among the Monster High Collection, because they really show what being at Monster High is all about.  Being who you are, accepting others freaky flaws, and never being afraid to stand up for what you believe in.  That is why I love Monster High and why I want to share the experience with all of you.

Anyway, I love Monster High for their amazingly fun characters and for their powerful and meaningful messages.  I could go on and on about the show, but really I want to help you all experience it for yourselves.  At the bottom of this page, I will include some Monster High Youtube videos that really demonstrate the points I have been talking about.  I will also have some links for you all to find out more about “Find Kind Campaign” and about Emily-Anne Rigal and “We Stop Hate”.  So please take a few moments to check out the videos, because I am sure you all will take away something of value from them.

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy the board, and have a great Halloween.

This first video is just a short introduction so you can meet the main characters of the show:

Monster High & Kind Campaign:

Monster High “We Stop Hate”:

This next one is an earlier video of theirs, from series one.  I just proves that you should judge people for their looks or their race, or monster species in this case:

Meet Abby.  These three videos are great at showing how tough it can be to be the new ghoul.  We were all at one time the new person to a group or school.  Sometimes a person just needs a friend to help them feel at home.  And we must understand that a new person my not always know how to communicate their thoughts or feelings to people, but that doesn’t mean we should judge them or leave them out:

Meet Jackson:  Jackson is the first normie to attend monster high.  See how the monster students react.

Meet Gil Webber and Lagoona Blue.  Both are water monsters, but Lagoona is from the sea and Gil is from fresh water.  Normally sea creatures and fresh water creatures hate each other, but watch what happens when Gil and Lagoona get together.  Its a Romeo and Juliet story:

Meet Ghoulia.  Watch as she stands up for her zombie friends against discrimination:

Meet Venus McFlytrap.  A ghoul how is super passionate about recycling. 

Meet Johnny Spirit.  Watch how everyone rushes to judgement because of his bad reputation and how Operetta doesn’t let his hard shell keep her from making new friends and making others feel welcome:

For years vampires and werewolves have been in what can only be described as a brutal race war with each other, but that all ended at Monster High.  See how the new vampire and werewolf students reflect on their past history and there new future:

Meet Jane Boolittle.  She has the amazing power to talk to animals. Watch as the pets of the famous Monster High students help Jane feel at home as she begins to feel culture shock:

Experience what its like to be a new student at Monster High. No really, you are the new student in this video:

Now this episode just got added today, I think it was a sign that I was ment to make this board and this post.  This video really show how accepting Monster High is.  Especially when it comes to students in the Monster Exchange Program.  Enjoy:


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