United We Stand

The purpose of this post is to tell all of you about the great United We Stand lecture I attended on Sunday.  The speaker was Curt Patrouille who is an amazing man from Wisconsin, and has served for most of his adult life in the Wisconsin National Guard and the military.  Curt has lived a great life and has faced many obstacles both in and out of the armed forces.  He shared a few of his life experiences, some worse than others.  But no mater what life through at him, Curt was always able to bounce back.  Curt Patrouille has an amazing outlook on life and how to handle the twists and turns, and that is what his presentation was about and it is what I want to share with all of you.

Curt talked a lot about the importance of resilience, which is the ability to overcome to change or misfortune.  Being resilient is important to overcoming the hardships of life, but it is not something that one can just magically obtain.  Curt himself admitted that it takes time to develop resilience and that everyone has different ways to help them find and develop it.

One way in which you can help yourself to become more resilient is to “Hunt For The Good Stuff”.  To often we choose to focus on the bad stuff that happens to us.  Even if we have a pretty good day but one thing goes wrong, if we focus solely on the bad thing it can cast a shadow over all the good stuff that happened that day.  So when you hunt the good stuff, you choose to focus on the good things.  They don’t have to be super big things, but something like talking with your friend that day can be a positive thing to focus on.  If you focus on the good instead of the bad, you’d be surprised to see how your attitude and outlook on life will improve.

Curt Patrouille talked about a few other ways to over come life’s tough spots.  However I do not want to make this post too long so instead at the bottom of this post I will include links to websites about this topic.  I encourage you all to try them out and see if they help improve things in your life.

One thing I will end this post with is a quote of Curt’s presentation.  It is a quote that I am sure a lot of us have heard before, and I try to live my life by this quote.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  This quote fits perfectly with this discussion topic.  Don’t think that you are the only one facing challenges in your life.  Your friends may not be dealing with the same challenges that you are facing, but they have their own challenges in life to deal with.  We all do.  And while at the time they may seem stressful, and scary, and overwhelming.  But you just have to remind yourself that eventually it will pass.  You will get through the tough times, and you will become stronger for it.  And that, is how your build resilience.




The video below was shown during Curt’s presentation.  This is Team Hoyt.  Rick Hoyt was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy when he was born.  Because of this his parents Dick and Judy Hoyt have taken care of Rick all of his life.  Even though this is a big disability to live with Rick Hoyt is still a positive person.  He doesn’t let his disability get in the way of living life.  He and his dad have competed in hundred of races, triathlons, and iron man competitions together.  This youtube video tells a small part of their story and it is very inspiring.


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