Changing What it Means to Be a Girl

So I know the thing to do when watching TV or youtube videos is to ignore or skip the commercials and ads.  But lately, there have been some youtube ads that have been hard to skip past.  These ads have really caught my eye and it made me do some research into more of them.  One of these ads if from the Barbie company, talking about how they are changing their doll line to look more realistic and diverse.  The others are from the always youtube channle.  You know always, the tampon company.  They have created a string of videos called #likeagirl that inspired girls to become strong women.

I know it seems silly or you might think, what kind of message can I learn from Barbie or a tampon company?  I thought the same exact thing until I thought about it a little more.  If you really think about it, the Barbie and always companies are probably some of the best companies to be looking into the issue empowering women.  Barbie makes dolls for girls, or boys, and it is one of the first times in a girls life when they start to compare themselves to an object of beauty.  And always is a company that makes products for women when they are just starting to develop into an adult women and they have so many questions and fears about who to be and how to look and think and feel.  And I really think these videos show that.  They have really inspired me with their messages and I hope they do the same for you.  So please take a look at the videos, they are only a few minutes long, and take a look at the links to the two companies so find out more about that they are doing in the feature.


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