Safe Zone



Good Day Ladies.  With the Pride Week events going on this week, I wanted to take a minute to write a quick post about something very important.  Maybe some of you have seen this triangle around campus.  I have one on my door and so does every RA on campus.  There are some people who do not understand what this triangle represents.  This triangle means that the person who  owns it has been trained to be a safe zone advocate.

What does a safe zone mean?  It means that I have been trained and participated in numerous discussions and lectures about some very sensitive topics.  Issues like diversity and discrimination, LGBTQ, rape and sexual assault, abuse, addiction, mental and physical disabilities, and many more topics.  I am by no means and expert on all of these topics, but I have gained some very useful knowledge.  Knowledge that allows me to be and advocate and a helpful resource to anyone who is experiencing any of these or other issues.  Having this triangle on my door means that my room is a safe zone for anyone looking for a place free of discrimination, ridicule, and harassment.

So if you need someone to talk to, need resources to help you, or just want a safe place to sit for a few minutes, that is what this triangle represents.  I will be here for you and I will try to help with any situation you may have.

For people who do not personally agree with some of the hot topic issues that are being discussed or promoted on campus, that is ok.  You do not have to agree with them if you do not want to, but please understand that there are people who will take them seriously.  There are people who want the safe zones and find them very helpful.  So please respect those people who need that help, even if you do not.

And again if any of you find yourself wanting help, anyone with the safe zone triangle will be there for you, including me.  My futon may be cluttered with closes and book, but it is always open for anyone who needs it.

If you do not feel comfortable talking to me here are some resources that may be of some help:


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