Register to Vote

Election Day is approaching fast.  November 8th.  If you have not ever voted or have registered to vote you can still do so before voting day.  There will be some days to do it on campus so look for those booths in the PSC.  No excuses not to do it, cause its so easy.  Take it from these people. #FoodForThought


Dinner with the Girls

We had a great time at dinner last night.  Nice call by Amber to go off campus. It was a nice change of pace.  We all had great food, and great conversation.  Hopefully we can get some more ladies out for the next dinner.

New Prize Poll

Here is another prize poll.  I hope to see some votes on this one.  Because the voting is anonymous, don’t forget to leave a comment so I know who has voted.  First two people to vote and comment on the poll will win a prize.