Ethnicity/Race is in Your DNA

While thumbing through Facebook, I discovered this truly amazing video.  As a biology minor, I know that your DNA can hold many secrets about who you are.  And one of those secrets is your racial and ethnically ancestry.  I have always tried to tell people who thing themselves of the “superior race” that no one is from only one part of the world.  We may not know what our entire ancestry is.  But with personal DNA tests becoming more and more popular, you can easily find out what makes you you.  So check out this great video and the article that it came from.  I have also put in the link to the LetsOpenOurWorld – momondo YouTube page.  They have more videos with in depth interviews with some of the people who participate in this study.  Please check them out.  And after watching this, I hope it makes you think about your own ancestries.  And hopefully, it will me you realize that we are all connected in one way or another. #FoodForThought



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