Shirt Sale

Hey hey hey!!!  We will be having another shirt sale for the Wilgus Women, Wonder Woman shirts.  Cost is $8. You can pay with cash or check, but you must pay for the shirt before you get one.  No IOUs will be accepted.  If interested, you can purchase one at the front desk.


Chancellor Visit

Hey ladies.  The chancellor will be coming for a visit on Monday the 30th at 7:00pm.  If you have not met the chancellor yet, or it you have a concern you would like to discuss with him, then come on down the the basement (LCCR) to join our discussion.  Hoot to see you all there.

Types of learning bulletin board

Everyone learns in different ways.  Check out this board to find out your learning type and how to use it to get the best grades possible this semester.


Goals Bulletin Board

Start the new semester strong by setting a goal for yourself.  If your not sure if you have one, see what other people are aiming for.


Coffee cat door decs

These were too cute to not make a door dec out of them.  Enjoy!


Love Languages Bulletin Board

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  Figure out what your love language is so your significant other knows the best gift to get for you.  This is also really helpful for friends and family too.


Women in art

The women in board is back.  I hope it continues to inspire you all to be your very best.