“Incredible” ways to boost your GPA

Now we know that we may feel like we just started the semester but we are coming in at week 6. We know that the real hard work is just beginning and that residents are starting to worry about their GPA’s and if they will make the cut either for honors or Dean’s List or the worst case scenario to stay at school next year.

This board gives tips and helpful suggestions on how to stay on top of the work ahead. The RA wanted to appeal to the soon to be released in theaters movie Incredibles 2 as some if not all of the residents have seen the first one when they were younger. It calls attention to some common tricks but some new ones that many don’t even think about.


I think 3 East needs a pep talk

Well we are going into week 6 and the wing feels down. The motto of the 3rd east RA recently has been of positive attitudes and thought that the girls living there needed a “pep talk”. The quotes are from a famous youtube video put out by Soul Pancake of a young boy calling himself “Kid President” and telling the world that they “need to stop being boring” because that’s easy.

Positivity is a strong feeling and when you feel it you feel good! There are also personal ones that the RA thought were good messages as we have been in school for a good chunk of time now. Kid President also makes the statement “Give the world a reason to DANCE.” The RA personally lives by that statement and feels her residents could do the same.

Duncan Diner

On Wednesday night, the RA staff went over to McGregor Hall and attended Duncan Diner! It was an event where you pay a dollar and you get a hot dog chips and a milkshake and are then led to a numbered table like an old school diner. The tables are covered with white paper and diners are given crayons to color on the tables while they wait for their food to come. The food comes to the table by means of the “servers” (McGregor’s RA Staff) in paper hats. The money that they raised goes to a charity of the staff’s choice. This year it went to help abandoned and sick animals in animal hospitals.

United we Stand with Lamarr Womble

On Sunday we attended United We Stand and the presenter was Lamarr Womble. He is a Dream Director from New York and he came to talk about leadership and never giving up on our dreams.

He talked about his personal story and how his dream was to be a fashion designer but never had the support that today’s generation has. So he “gave up” his dream. That didn’t stop him from motivating others as a job, and he LOVES it! He also had all attendees write on sticky notes what we learned and how we are going to chase our dreams and never give up!

Share our Similarities Celebrate our differences

With it being such a big month for Black History month and in light of recent events we wanted to show the ladies of 3 East that even though we are all women, go to UW-Platteville and live in Wilgus that we are all different and that should be celebrated!

This board my look cute with jelly beans that have the residents names on them of different colors but it is trying to send a message that even though we share similarities we are all different we can still live together in peace and harmony.

We also somewhat shed light on the recent events that happened in florida and why we as a wing can show support and stand with the families effected.

Also, we want to show others on campus that we are an accepting community on 3 east and that they are welcome here too!

Be a Sweetheart and have a Conversation about Sexual Health

Valentine’s Day is next week. Alot of college students have significant others and may feel uncomfortable about having a conversation about what they want in their relationships. Sexual Health and intimacy.

Here are some facts from the global campaign DoSomething.org

As of May 2014, laws in 38 states required that a minor seeking an abortion involve her parents in the decision.

Advocates for Youth National School Condom Availability Clearinghouse has found 418 public schools in the US that make condoms available to students.

In 1997, one-half of all new HIV infections in the United States occurred in people under the age of 25. 1 in 4 new HIV infections in the US occurs in people under the age of 22.

By their 19th birthday, 7 out of 10 teens have engaged in sexual intercourse.



All facts came from the website, https://www.dosomething.org/facts/11-facts-about-sexual-health-teens-us