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Hi all. I am Lindsey Hoyer, your RA for this year. This is my fourth year being a student at UW-Platteville and my second year being an RA. My major is chemistry with a criminalistics emphasis and a double minor in forensic investigation and biology. Some quick facts about me: My home town is Green Bay, Wisconsin. My house has always been a mile from the famous Packer Stadium so of course I am a Packer fan. I have one younger brother and a dog named Bandit. My favorite color is purple so you will see me wearing it a lot. Some of my favorite shows include The Office, Bones, and Once Upon a Time. My favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and The Beast because I think I look like her, plus I am also a huge book worm just like her. Speaking of being a book worm I read a wide variety of books. Anything from romance, to paranormal, to manga. Anything that interests me an get my imagination going.

Birthday Flower and Jemstone Personalities

I’ve already heard some people reading about their birth stone and flower personalities.  :). If you haven’t had the chance yet, do so soon.


RA Evals

Hey ladies.  You all should have gotten an email last week sometime about filling out an online eval of your RA, me 🙂 .  Please take the time to fill this out in the next few days.  It does not take long.  Your answers are confidential, so feel free to be honest.  I always look for thing to improve on.  If you have any problems with it, let RD Melissa know.

Swap Shop Success

We had another successful swap shop event.  Thank you to everyone who came, and to the people who brought things.  We had a big hall to sort through, even at the end of the night.  We are planning to donate the rest of the item to Goodwill, or Family Advocates.

You can do this with friends and family back home.  Its a great alternative to throwing items in landfills, and its a great way to get free stuff.

Red My Lips

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by our table on Wednesday.  We got quick a few people to sign pledges, and they got some free lipstick.  We still have some left over though so we may hand out lipstick and pledges around the hall.  Hopefully we can continue to make more people aware of the problem of rape and sexual assault.  And lets keep showing out support for the survivors.

Starting Your Linked In Profile

Its never too early to start thinking about making a professional resume.  And in this day and age everything is done online.  Linkedin is a great website to look for jobs and internships in your career area of interest.  You can also make an online profile and post your resume and work experience information.

The best way to get lots of views, is to make your profile as professional looking as possible.  If you have never used Linkedin before, follow these great tips to get started.

tips to achieve linkedin profile perfection tips tipsographic