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Fall into Academic Support Programs!

I know it is still early in the semester but it’s never to early to ask for help. With this board, ASP wants to help you succeed! Included on the board is the location and hours of operation for students to use and also get a tutor if needed. I hope this will help anyone who is unsure about tutoring or are looking to get ahead this semester.


Meet your RA!


I made this board for my residents to get to know me just a little bit better. It includes where I am from, hobbies and so much more! I hope that this helps you get to know me better and helps you find my room because it’s right next to my door 🙂

Birthday Flower and Jemstone Personalities

I’ve already heard some people reading about their birth stone and flower personalities.  :). If you haven’t had the chance yet, do so soon.


Women in Music

Check out the new board 🙂



Women in Technology Board

Check out the new board of women.


Elements of Success bulletin board

Saw this on Pinterest and I thought it fight my personality so well. 


Loving Yourself Board

We just got done with Valentine’s Day, which focuses on our love for other people.  Now it’s time we focus on the love we have for ourselves.  This board has some great tips to start your journey to self love.  And I think you’ll find that once you start to love yourself, you life will be a lot happier, and you’ll feel more confident.