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Fly away with Pegasus

Going with the theme of myths and mythical creatures here in wilgus, I decided to make Pegasus and spin off and do it slightly in line with the movie Hercules. These fun and colorful door decs were a nice way to welcome back the ladies of 3 east!


Flower Seed Door Decs

You know what they say.  April showers bring May flowers.  If you plant your seeds now, by May they should have started to grow.  Having plants in your room can be a great stress reliever and help to produce clean oxygen as well.  So enjoy 🙂



LOL door decs

Enjoy 🙂


Sushi Door Decs

Enjoy these cute door decs.


Rose Door Decs


Hope you all enjoy the new door decs.  Fun fact, I made these from some old place mates that I bought at a garage sale.  So these are recycled door decs.


Coffee cat door decs

These were too cute to not make a door dec out of them.  Enjoy!