Where you are and where you have been!

I made these here and away signs for my residents so that their roommates and myself know when they are there and when they are not. It helps me know when they are around for events and for when roommates have guests over.

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An Elephant is faithful 100%

This board was intended to be conjoined with the elephant door decs I have up. This board explains the myths and facts of sexual assault and consent along with the famous quote from Horton hears a Who, “I meant what I said and I said what I meant an elephants faithful 100%”. Hope this helps the residents of 3 East get more information and can stay safe.


Welcome to Wilgus Hall 3 East!

Hello my name is Annamarie Bousley and I am the Resident Assistant for 3 East! I am currently a junior majoring in Elementary Education! I am involved in various campus organizations including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Dance Marathon, NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), and many other things. I enjoy being outdoors fishing or boating and love the color pink and camo. My dream car is a chevy truck in the color black or dark grey. I am a good listener and love to meet new people and will always be there to help.

I hope that your year is as special and wonderful as you all are!

Welcome Home Wilgus Hall



RA Evals

Hey ladies. ¬†You all should have gotten an email last week sometime about filling out an online eval of your RA, me ūüôā . ¬†Please take the time to fill this out in the next few days. ¬†It does not take long. ¬†Your answers are confidential, so feel free to be honest. ¬†I always look for thing to improve on. ¬†If you have any problems with it, let RD Melissa know.


Starting Your Linked In Profile

Its never too early to start thinking about making a professional resume.  And in this day and age everything is done online.  Linkedin is a great website to look for jobs and internships in your career area of interest.  You can also make an online profile and post your resume and work experience information.

The best way to get lots of views, is to make your profile as professional looking as possible.  If you have never used Linkedin before, follow these great tips to get started.

tips to achieve linkedin profile perfection tips tipsographic