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Tumbler fun!

On tuesday two resident assistants hosted a tumbler event in the basement. Before hand the RA’s then asked what the residents wanted for stickers and that she would cut them for the event. In all the event was fun to attend and bring residents to. Thanks for hosting Rkia and Margaret!


Puzzled about your career?

The RA on 3 east decided to make a bulletin board about career moves that can help you “piece” together the various components of the career. The puzzle pieces have statements about ways to figure out how to build the puzzle of college life and the choices that can be made towards your job search post graduation.

Grill and Games

Well this event happened before break but the RA on 3 east forgot to blog about it. Oops she’s sorry about it. This event was a grill out and a professor from the history department came and talked about race and gender in sports and the Olympics. It was interesting to learn about how the most historical games has so many flaws and things the public doesn’t see. For example they took away medals from 3 athletes for raising their fists in protest of black lives matter. It was a very good presentation and the professor was very into what he was talking about which made it more fun to attend.

for the midterm “crunch”

With midterms happening the RA on 3 east decided that the residents needed a snack. So the RA gave the residents a bag of chips to snack on while studying for midterms or writing midterm papers. Studies show that snacks while you are studying can help to keep students focused. The snack also came in as there is a week left until spring break. We know that midterms are stressful and that’s why the snacks were given to give a smile and a treat for working so hard.

Be a rainbow among the rain clouds

We are in week 8! Can you believe it! St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday and the ladies of 3 east received a door dec of a rainbow and clouds for the month of march. It’s also a reminder that mental health is a big topic in the month of march. The weather is usually up and down and the stress of midterms comes around. These door decs were to remind the residents that there’s going to be days where you don’t see the rainbow but once the storm is over, it is there for you to see.

Reminder that Student Health and Counseling services are always there for you if you need anything!

Stay sunny Pioneers!

Give the earth a helping hand

With march being the month that Earth Day is in, there is a new board up on the wing. The RA decided that the residents needed a board to celebrate earth day.

The handprints are in shades of blue and green and say ways to celebrate the earth and ways to help better the earth.

Some Earth facts for you;

the earth is gradually slowing

the earth is the densest planet in the solar system

earth is the only planet not named after a god

Women’s Empowerment with Dr. S

On Saturday, at Women’s Weekend brunch the students heard a speech from keynote speaker Dr. Shan Sappleton. She is an Associate Professor in the Political Science Department here at platteville. Her speech came with the same theme of women’s empowerment and that women can do everything a man can do and that children should be allowed to do what they love not what society tells them to love.  Thank you Dr. Sappleton for coming and enlightening the guests of womens weekend.