Yoga and Relaxation

Tonight we had a lovely night of relaxation and yoga with Teresa Miller. She did some basic yoga poses and some meditation. Studies show that yoga helps with stress relief. Another thing is that yoga stretches out muscles that normally do not get stretched therefore releasing the stress in those areas. I thought it would be a great stress reliever before finals week.


Happy holidays from your RA!

Congratulations 3 East you have made it to the last week of classes! You have worked so hard and I decided you deserved a treat. I know that finals is a stressful time so I thought you needed this. In fact there have been studies that show how snacking while studying is a great thing for you to do! Studying uses energy and you can become burned out really fast if you don’t fuel up. Some other snacks that help are berries, sunflower seeds and drinks that help are green tea and orange juice! I hope this helps you with studying and good luck on finals!