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Fall into Academic Support Programs!

I know it is still early in the semester but it’s never to early to ask for help. With this board, ASP wants to help you succeed! Included on the board is the location and hours of operation for students to use and also get a tutor if needed. I hope this will help anyone who is unsure about tutoring or are looking to get ahead this semester.


Welcome to Wilgus Hall 3 East!

Hello my name is Annamarie Bousley and I am the Resident Assistant for 3 East! I am currently a junior majoring in Elementary Education! I am involved in various campus organizations including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Dance Marathon, NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), and many other things. I enjoy being outdoors fishing or boating and love the color pink and camo. My dream car is a chevy truck in the color black or dark grey. I am a good listener and love to meet new people and will always be there to help.

I hope that your year is as special and wonderful as you all are!

Welcome Home Wilgus Hall



RA Evals

Hey ladies.  You all should have gotten an email last week sometime about filling out an online eval of your RA, me 🙂 .  Please take the time to fill this out in the next few days.  It does not take long.  Your answers are confidential, so feel free to be honest.  I always look for thing to improve on.  If you have any problems with it, let RD Melissa know.


Swap Shop Success

We had another successful swap shop event.  Thank you to everyone who came, and to the people who brought things.  We had a big hall to sort through, even at the end of the night.  We are planning to donate the rest of the item to Goodwill, or Family Advocates.

You can do this with friends and family back home.  Its a great alternative to throwing items in landfills, and its a great way to get free stuff.