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Paint and Punch

Friday night the staff in Wilgus Hall put on the Friday Night Club event in Bridgeway Commons. The event ran from 9-11 PM that night. Students got a free canvas to paint and some “mocktails” to sip on while they painted.

Lots of fun was had and the turnout was great!


Duncan Diner

On Wednesday night, the RA staff went over to McGregor Hall and attended Duncan Diner! It was an event where you pay a dollar and you get a hot dog chips and a milkshake and are then led to a numbered table like an old school diner. The tables are covered with white paper and diners are given crayons to color on the tables while they wait for their food to come. The food comes to the table by means of the “servers” (McGregor’s RA Staff) in paper hats. The money that they raised goes to a charity of the staff’s choice. This year it went to help abandoned and sick animals in animal hospitals.

Sliding into a new semester!

Welcome Back Wilgus 3 East! I hope that you enjoyed your long break and are refreshed and ready to do it all over again! This board was put up to welcome you back and to brighten up the wing. The board features a cute penguin and a chilly iceberg!

Here are 4 interesting penguin facts that we hope you enjoy and will help you start off the semester with a smile!

  1. Penguins see better in the water than on land with the air.
  2. Penguins average lifespan is 15 to 20 years.
  3. There are 18 unique species of penguin in the world.
  4. They are highly social birds, and their breeding groups, called rookeries number up in the tens of thousands.