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Share our Similarities Celebrate our differences

With it being such a big month for Black History month and in light of recent events we wanted to show the ladies of 3 East that even though we are all women, go to UW-Platteville and live in Wilgus that we are all different and that should be celebrated!

This board my look cute with jelly beans that have the residents names on them of different colors but it is trying to send a message that even though we share similarities we are all different we can still live together in peace and harmony.

We also somewhat shed light on the recent events that happened in florida and why we as a wing can show support and stand with the families effected.

Also, we want to show others on campus that we are an accepting community on 3 east and that they are welcome here too!


Color me included

These colorful crayons come with a new board that will be about our wing and that even though we are the same because we live in wilgus and at Platteville college and are women, we are all different and that’s ok!