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Hate and Bias, it’s not something you would expect it at school, no way it’s not a problem. Well, I hate to break it to you but here at UW-Platteville we see cases of Hate and Bias fairly regularly and it is not only disrespectful but really puts a bad tag on our university.

Over Winter Break, the university decided to make a new campaign called #PioneersUnite to show that this university is against all hate and bias. All individuals who work for the university including your RA, signed new pledges to be better aware of all situations and to stand up and speak out against disrespect and hate.

If you are interested in signing the pledge card just ask your RA and they would be more than happy to give you a card to sign and would be able to let you display it alongside theirs showing that you stand with the university and that we can and that #PioneersUnite


Willy the Wilgus 3 East turkey

As a fun little craft to show the diverse interests of my residents, made a turkey feather decorating interactive “board” to get residents creative and working with their roommate. Already I have 3 resident rooms working on their and I will be posting the before and after photos there.