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Be a rainbow among the rain clouds

We are in week 8! Can you believe it! St. Patrick’s Day is on Saturday and the ladies of 3 east received a door dec of a rainbow and clouds for the month of march. It’s also a reminder that mental health is a big topic in the month of march. The weather is usually up and down and the stress of midterms comes around. These door decs were to remind the residents that there’s going to be days where you don’t see the rainbow but once the storm is over, it is there for you to see.

Reminder that Student Health and Counseling services are always there for you if you need anything!

Stay sunny Pioneers!


I think 3 East needs a pep talk

Well we are going into week 6 and the wing feels down. The motto of the 3rd east RA recently has been of positive attitudes and thought that the girls living there needed a “pep talk”. The quotes are from a famous youtube video put out by Soul Pancake of a young boy calling himself “Kid President” and telling the world that they “need to stop being boring” because that’s easy.

Positivity is a strong feeling and when you feel it you feel good! There are also personal ones that the RA thought were good messages as we have been in school for a good chunk of time now. Kid President also makes the statement “Give the world a reason to DANCE.” The RA personally lives by that statement and feels her residents could do the same.

Don’t let harsh words get you down.

As not only college students, as women we get told that we are stupid and that we can’t do what men can so we start to believe it. That is never okay and it upsets me that in today’s society we as women can’t be letting that get to us.

As students returning to the semester and gearing up for new classes and new challenges this board represents titles that every man woman and child should carry with them everywhere they go.

Be the best you that you can be!

Throw Kindness like Confetti

Hello 3 East! As a new semester starts, stress amounts and can create a feeling inside that being home for a month was great and school is not going to be easy. This board is here for anyone who needs a little pick up and positive words or a little kindness.

If you feel compelled to do so you can write out your own kind word and tape or staple it to the board.

Wilgus wordcloud

Happy holidays from your RA!

Congratulations 3 East you have made it to the last week of classes! You have worked so hard and I decided you deserved a treat. I know that finals is a stressful time so I thought you needed this. In fact there have been studies that show how snacking while studying is a great thing for you to do! Studying uses energy and you can become burned out really fast if you don’t fuel up. Some other snacks that help are berries, sunflower seeds and drinks that help are green tea and orange juice! I hope this helps you with studying and good luck on finals!