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Let’s talk about Gender Identity

Woman’s Weekend happened Saturday and the guests were treated to a great presentation by Dr. Pip Gordon about Gender Identity. He gave everyone a stick figure and told them to draw the “ideal” woman and what they should wear. He also talked about gender norms and why men can feel like women and vice versa. He talked about being comfortable in your own skin.
He also after he presented, painted his nails. Thanks Dr. Pip for coming to women’s weekend.


United we Stand with Lamarr Womble

On Sunday we attended United We Stand and the presenter was Lamarr Womble. He is a Dream Director from New York and he came to talk about leadership and never giving up on our dreams.

He talked about his personal story and how his dream was to be a fashion designer but never had the support that today’s generation has. So he “gave up” his dream. That didn’t stop him from motivating others as a job, and he LOVES it! He also had all attendees write on sticky notes what we learned and how we are going to chase our dreams and never give up!

Proud RA/Mom Fridge

I made this so that my residents can post the good things that they do either in classes or in clubs, or student orgs. This gives them a chance to reflect on their own accomplishments.


3 East is unique… just like crayons

The newest bulletin board on 3 East is colorful! It is crayons and a crayon box that reads just like crayons 3 East is… Unique. I want my residents to know that just because we are not the same major or are not the same placement in school, we are still a community.


Paint a mug

BBFBD90C-F9A8-4310-9DB7-4A0158D67FC8375D16B7-3CAD-42D5-8FB9-2ED651FAEE472461F1BC-D162-4D8B-8387-6BFA128304C83 East had their first wing event Wednesday and we painted mugs together and had a lot of fun! they turned out really cool and the people that attended had a lot of fun! thank you RLFC for funding such a fun event!


Birthday Flower and Jemstone Personalities

I’ve already heard some people reading about their birth stone and flower personalities.  :). If you haven’t had the chance yet, do so soon.


Loving Yourself Board

We just got done with Valentine’s Day, which focuses on our love for other people.  Now it’s time we focus on the love we have for ourselves.  This board has some great tips to start your journey to self love.  And I think you’ll find that once you start to love yourself, you life will be a lot happier, and you’ll feel more confident.