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Tumbler fun!

On tuesday two resident assistants hosted a tumbler event in the basement. Before hand the RA’s then asked what the residents wanted for stickers and that she would cut them for the event. In all the event was fun to attend and bring residents to. Thanks for hosting Rkia and Margaret!


Grill and Games

Well this event happened before break but the RA on 3 east forgot to blog about it. Oops she’s sorry about it. This event was a grill out and a professor from the history department came and talked about race and gender in sports and the Olympics. It was interesting to learn about how the most historical games has so many flaws and things the public doesn’t see. For example they took away medals from 3 athletes for raising their fists in protest of black lives matter. It was a very good presentation and the professor was very into what he was talking about which made it more fun to attend.

Let’s talk about Gender Identity

Woman’s Weekend happened Saturday and the guests were treated to a great presentation by Dr. Pip Gordon about Gender Identity. He gave everyone a stick figure and told them to draw the “ideal” woman and what they should wear. He also talked about gender norms and why men can feel like women and vice versa. He talked about being comfortable in your own skin.
He also after he presented, painted his nails. Thanks Dr. Pip for coming to women’s weekend.

United we Stand with Lamarr Womble

On Sunday we attended United We Stand and the presenter was Lamarr Womble. He is a Dream Director from New York and he came to talk about leadership and never giving up on our dreams.

He talked about his personal story and how his dream was to be a fashion designer but never had the support that today’s generation has. So he “gave up” his dream. That didn’t stop him from motivating others as a job, and he LOVES it! He also had all attendees write on sticky notes what we learned and how we are going to chase our dreams and never give up!