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If Michael Scott says it, it must be true

I made this bulletin board to help students who are gearing up for new jobs or graduation. It has the various information about resumes, cover letters/thank yous and how to dress professionally.


Starting Your Linked In Profile

Its never too early to start thinking about making a professional resume.  And in this day and age everything is done online.  Linkedin is a great website to look for jobs and internships in your career area of interest.  You can also make an online profile and post your resume and work experience information.

The best way to get lots of views, is to make your profile as professional looking as possible.  If you have never used Linkedin before, follow these great tips to get started.

tips to achieve linkedin profile perfection tips tipsographic


GPA Board

I thought this was really cute when I saw this online.  Find out how GPA can effect your ability to find a job.



Career Fair Board

The Fall Career Fair is next week.  If you are stressing out about getting prepared, use the tips on this board to help you remember everything you will need.



Shopping Algorithm Board

Are you the type of person who does a lot of impulse shopping?  Have you ever wondered if you should buy that new shirt you really like?  Take a look at the new bulletin board up on our wing.  This scientific, shopping algorithm will help you reevaluate that impulse buy.



Poverty Awareness/ Financial Aid Board

Will tuition and credit card bills due soon, everyone could use a little help.  Check out this board in the lobby for some helpful tips and information.